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Different types of Home Windows and their benefits

One project that is often considered for home improvements is replacing the home windows. This can offer you many benefits, from making your home more comfortable and beautiful to reducing the amount that you are spending on energy costs. Of course, you do have a wide variety of windows that are available to you and, according to your specific needs, you should choose what is right for your family. Here are some of the types of windows that are offered by American Mirador and the benefits that can be seen when you use them in your home improvement project.

Before we discuss some of the specific types of windows, it’s a good idea to review the quality of the windows that we provide. Although American Mirador is well-known for the closet doors and shower doors that we build for home improvement projects, we also build quality windows. These windows are designed for sturdiness as well as beauty. As a matter of fact, the IWC Windows that are manufactured by American Mirador were featured on the TV series, Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Quite obviously, if our quality windows are suitable for use on a home improvement television show, they will make a fine addition to your home.

Standard Windows

One of the most commonly used windows in the home is the standard window. These can be manufactured from any number of different materials, including aluminum, vinyl and wood. Each different type of material is going to produce individual benefits that can make a difference in the quality of the manufacturing as well as the energy saving factors of the window itself.

In addition, windows can be made with more than one pane of glass and to be certain, it is a standard to have a minimum of double pane glass in any window replacement project. The space between the glass panes provides an insulating factor for the window which helps to reduce the exchange of energy from inside of the home to outside of the home.

Bay Windows

If you have the space for it, a bay window can provide you with a greater view of the outside. Bay Windows tend to be popular in the living area of the home and like a standard window, they can be manufactured from different material and contain more than one pane of glass.

Custom Windows

Not all windows are going to fit into the standard size and design of cookie-cutter houses. There may be times when you are going to have a need for customized windows, such as what may be near the front door or perhaps a decorative window in other areas of the home. Since we manufacture the replacement windows, we can make custom windows according to your specific needs.
If you are considering a window replacement project, you can call the experts at American Mirador. We would be happy to review the options that are available with you and to provide you with the specifics of the windows that we design and manufacture for your needs.

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