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The right closet door can transform your room into an elegant space, a more functional space and private space.

A new trend is to use standard interior wood doors that match the rest of your homes doors as your closet doors.

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There are many rooms throughout the home, some of which are in the public eye and others that are private. One of the smaller rooms which are found throughout the home that tends to be private and hidden is the closet doors. Although they may be in public areas themselves, it is the closet doors that make them private and allow us to store a variety of items without having to worry about it being public knowledge. Although adding a degree of privacy is one of the top benefits of using closet doors, there are also other benefits that are available. In addition, there are numerous types of closet doors which can fit into almost any type of decor. Here is a list of some of the basic types and the advantages that they offer.

Different types of Closet Doors and their benefits

Mirrored Closet Doors

One of the more common and popular types of closet doors is the mirrored closet door. These come in almost any shape or size that you can possibly imagine, including bi-fold and sliding doors. Primarily, the advantage of a mirrored closet door is that it can help you to check yourself after you have gotten dressed. Another advantage of using a mirrored door is that it gives an added dimension to the room and adds the illusion of depth.

Bi-fold Doors

Another of the popular closet door options that are available is the bi-fold. In actuality, this is a single door that is hinged in the middle and split vertically. In some cases, a combination of two bi-fold doors is necessary for larger closet openings. The primary benefit of using the bi-fold door is that it works wonders in areas that are relatively limited in size and when a full door would be impractical. Those areas would include a crowded hallway or perhaps the laundry area. Bedroom closet doors may also take advantage of the benefits of bi-fold doors.

Sliding Closet Doors

This type of door, which is sometimes referred to as a bypass door, is one of the more popular choices for closets that are not entered completely. For a wide closet, it gives you access to the contents on either side but not both sides at the same time. Sliding closet doors are often preferred when space is of concern. If they are used on a walk-in closet, it is unlikely that both doors are going to be used so one of the sides tends to be wasted.

Pocket Doors

These types of doors can be very convenient and they can easily replace a bi-fold or full door without encroaching in the living area of the room. This type of the door does require additional construction, but it may be a convenient option when other types of doors are impractical.

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