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American Mirador can provide any cabinet style and level of quality you desire to update and beautify your home.

Weather it’s updating your kitchen, your bathroom, study or even your garage we can help you find the right cabinet to fit your style and budget.

There are a lot of different levels of quality out there and even some of the big brands may not be the best level of quality for the money.

Be sure to talk with one of our professionals about your needs.

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Different types of Cabinet Design and their benefits

One of the more extensive home remodeling projects that can be done is replacing the cabinet. The cabinets can be found in various areas of the home, including our kitchen cabinets and medicine cabinets that are in the bathroom. There are a variety of options that are available when having these cabinet design manufactured and installed which offer a number of different benefits. Here is a look at some of the specific types of cabinets that are available through American Mirador and why you should choose one of these cabinets for use in your own home.

Wood Cabinets

The most popular choice is wood or wood product cabinets. But not all wood cabinet design are created equal, you may have noticed shopping around; the cost of wood cabinets varies widely. This is due to several factors; 1) quality and type of material used during construction 2) Brand name, some folks will pay more just for the brand even though it may not be the best quality for their money.

We can help you select the right style, type and quality cabinets to meet your projects needs.

Aluminum Cabinet Doors

Have you consider the possibility of using aluminum doors when replacing the cabinet doors in your home? The innovative cabinet design and benefits that are offered through these aluminum doors can make an excellent addition to any home improvement project. It may be possible for you to install these aluminum cabinet doors without having to upgrade the cabinet itself. In that way, you can give your kitchen a fresh look without having to have the added expense of replacing the entire cabinet.

ZACA Medicine Cabinets

Although you do have many options available to you when replacing the medicine cabinets in your home, you should consider the benefits that are available through ZACA. These quality medicine cabinet design have been manufactured since 1948 and they are available in a number of styles and sizes to suit any need. In some cases, you may find it beneficial to have a recessed medicine cabinet installed in the home. Doing so offers you the benefit of having the space for your necessary items while at the same time, limiting its encroachment on the bathroom.

Even if you do not have the setup which would make a recessed medicine cabinet possible, ZACA does offer other options which will be of benefit to you. For example, the Spacecab medicine cabinet is one that is very popular with remodeling and redecorating projects. It is something that you can consider for use in your own home or rental property. One thing is certain; these innovative, adjustable and intelligently designed medicine cabinets make a fine addition to any home.

Mystique Glass

Some of the cabinets in your kitchen would benefit from the use of glass cabinet design doors. Mystique glass offers you the benefit of allowing light to pass through while at the same time, featuring a translucent look which keeps people from clearly seeing what is in the cabinet itself. A number of different mystique cabinet doors are available to suit any remodeling project. Those styles include brushed nickel, bronze or satin frames.

Replacing the cabinets or cabinet doors in your home is a project which can be done professionally by American Mirador. You can stop by our convenient showroom to see some of the products which we make available for use in your home or rental property. We have been helping individuals in the San Jose area for more than 35 years with our family-owned and operated business. Let us show you how we can help you with your home improvement project to your complete satisfaction.

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